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Latest Web Technology News - Monday August 31, 2015

Web Designs Now provides you with the latest Web technology news featuring the latest Web technologies that may effect you and your business. Whether a part of a one-man Web design agency or part of a large corporate institution, we offer breaking news feeds from the world's leading resources that are relevant and important. Stay abreast of Web technology today. If you have not kept up with the latest Web design news, visit our Web design news archives.

August 2015

W3C P2P Web Browser Standards
The Web: Save with Cloud Computing?
Chrome 11: The Best Web Browser?

April 2011

Lessons: Amazon Web Service Outage

March 2011

Readability Web Services Goes HTML 5
Close to a Perfect Web Browser?
Apps Beat Web Browser and Voice Usage
Hollywood Not at War with Web or Netflix

December 2010

Web Giant Apache Quits Java Process
Google Tunes Up Web Browser's JS Engine
Will Netflix Destroy the Web?
Rackspace Hybrid Web Hosting Cloud

April 2009

An End to Tax-free Web Shopping?
New Web Taxes Amid Taxing Times?
Google Releases Source for Web Update
Spam's Footprint Beyond the Web

November 2008

Yahoo's BrowserPlus Available to All Websites

October 2008

Web Search Giant Google Revenues Beat Expectations
Web Search-Ad Revenues Defy Economic Downturn
Web Search Engine Ask.Com Launches Major Update to its Website
Web Search Engine Deal Between Yahoo and AOL
Yahoo Overhauls Web Calendar

July 2008

Flash Web Content Visible to SEs

June 2008

Yahoo & Google Web Search-Ad Partnership
Most Dangerous TLDs on the Web
MFST Warns of Safari Web Attacks
Apple's Web Strategy All About Me
Mars Lander Web Site Hacked
Broadband Right by Customers?

June 2007

Are Web Sales on the Decline?

May 2007

MSFT Patches DNS Web Servers

March 2007

Web Browser Firefox Updates
Web Users Help Hackers?
Web Impact: RH Releases EL 5
Citrix Web Client Flaw
RH Expands Web Dev Tools
Web Impact: Month of PHP Bugs
'Nondiscriminatory' Web
1/3 of US Web User Are Wireless
Web Impact: Mozilla Security Updates

November 2006

Universal Web Site Index Tool?
Web-Impact: Apache Harmony
Web Guided by Common Sense
Start-ups, Web Success Cheaper
Google Says Web Speed is King
Web 2.0 for Wine Industry
IBM Quad-core Intel Web-Servers
Mozilla Web Browser Flaws Fixed

September 2006

Will Vista Stall the Web?
New Web Sites Seek Profit in Wikis
Bands Use Web Videos to Win Fans
A Global Web Video Game
Google Wins eBay's Non-US Web Ads
IBM Buys SOA Co: Webify Solutions

August 2006

High Impact: Web 2.0 in Enterprise
Click Fraud on the Web Overblown
The Fight Against Web Click Fraud
USPS Finds a Friend in the Web
AOL Transitions to Web Portal
IBM Buys Web Services Co
Web Social Networks Still Alive?

July 2006

Yahoo, Symantec Web Security Service
MSFT, Yahoo Join IM Web Services
Web Site Maps Open-Source Jungle
Paris Plans Wi-Fi Web Access
Wi-Fi Web Access Lessons Learned
Web Co Sues Google for Poor Rankings
Red Hat Sued for JBoss Technology

June 2006

Workers Wake Up to Web 2.0
Google Tests New Web Ads
Web Outages for Yahoo!
FCC Approves Web Phone Taxes
Web: Fighting MSFT's WGA

May 2006

Next Leap for the Web
How Deep is the Online-ad Well?
Web Innovators Honored

April 2006

Web 2.0 Meets Enterprise
Patch Slows Web Browser
Web Impact: Red Hat Buys JBoss
Web Neutrality Advances
Website Tests Brain Speed

March 2006

Websites Subject to Content Filters
Piggybacking Wi-Fi Web Access

February 2006

New Windows Web Browser Flaws
Political Divide on Web Neutrality
Adobe Patches Web Vulnerability
Web Postage for e-Mail

January 2006

AJAX Web Design Tools Race
Fee-based Web Ad Analytics
111 Million Web Users in China's 'Business Web'
Users Judge Web Sites in 1/20th Secs
Firefox Wins 1/5 European Market
Airwaves Sale for Web on Planes

December 2005

A Better Way to Count Web Clicks?
Small Web Retailers Increase Market Share
Web Search Giant Buys Stake in AOL
Icahn Funds Web Company HowStuffWorks
Web-advertising Budgets Rising

November 2005

Web Ads Hit Record High
VPN Flaw Threatens Web
MS Patches May Break Web Sites
Cisco Patches Critical Web Bug
Cisco Flaw = Wi-Fi Risk

October 2005

Colleges Protest Web-Wiretapping
Flock Web 2.0 Browser
Yahoo Web Mail Security Flaw
Zend Core: PHP for Oracle
Oracle Acquires InnoDB
Web Blackout Sparks Legal Talks
IBM Power5+ Unix Web Servers
Worm Spoofs Web Search Engines
Red Hat Linux Beats Estimates
Microsoft Confirms XP SP3

September 2005

Google's Web Search Index Size
New UltraSparc 4+ Web Servers
Cisco / Macromedia Web Conferencing
Mozilla Web Browsers Vulnerable
Web Update: Oracle Acquires Siebel
Google Searches Web Blogs
New Firefox Web Browser Risk
Countries Urge Open-tech Standards

September 2005 (Cont.)

Security Patch for Windows
Microsoft Unveils New Brand
Sun's Java Web Integration Suite
Sony Adds Web Browser to PSP
Microsoft Web Plan Targets Google
Maxtor File Sharing and Backup
News Corp Acquires IGN

August 2005

Excite@Home's Web Domain for Sale
Dogpile Adds MSN Web Search
IE7 Web Browser Not W3C Compliant
Web Browser Hack for MSFT ATV
Web Video in Flash 8

August 2005 (Cont.)

Web Map Tracks News Demand
Miva Settles Web PPC Suit
How Big is the Web?
Web Browser Market: Firefox vs IE
New Ways to Promote Web Fares

July 2005

Google Wins Web Domain Dispute
Google's Firefox Toolbar
Yahoo Expands Mobile Search
Yahoo's Web Search for Jobs
New York Web Design Forums
Red Hat Revenues Jump 46%
David Clark's New Web
Attackers Target Veritas

July 2005 (Cont.)

New York Web Design Industry
Web Browser Release Delayed
Web Standards Target Scripts
XML:IDs for Web Documents
New .mobi Web Site Domains
DOJ Eyes Adobe-Macromedia Deal
How Microsoft Entered Open Source
Web Domain Price Caps
RSS Web Feeds Attract VCs

June 2005

Patch for Netscape Web Browser
'Deep Web' Search by Yahoo
A Downside to Web Growth
Five Words from Winning Web Sites
Google Sitemaps for Web Indexing
No IE 7 for Windows 2K
Web Advertising On Upswing
Netscape 8 Breaks XML in IE

May 2005

Netscape 8 Fights Phishing
Google Sells RSS Feeds
IE 7 Adds Tabbed Browsing
Firefox Growth Slows
Yahoo Hires Amazon Design Guru
Two Firefox Security Exploits
Apple Tiger OS Exploit
A Second Look at Social Networks
AskJeeves Growth Under IAC

May 2005 (Cont.)

Google Experiences Web Outage
New Photoshop CS2
Google Tool Speeds Web Surfing
Web Security Threats Branch Out
Online Shoppers Take 19 Hours
Rapid Revenue Growth of Net Ads
Macromedia Updates Web Conferencing
Net Ad Sellers Think Local

April 2005

10% of Professionals Use FireFox
Five Linux Security Myths
Firefox Passes 50M Downloads
2004 Net Ads Revenue
Microsoft Unveils IE 7 Plans
Yahoo Profits Doubles

April 2005 (Cont.)

Google Sues
Firefox's New Spin on Security
Opera 8 Cleans User Interface
Adobe Buys Macromedia for $3.4B
Subscriptions Lift Red Hat Revenue
Google Enhances Search for Firefox

March 2005

Google Buys Urchin Web Analytics
Update: MSN vs Google/Yahoo Ads
MSN vs Google/Yahoo Ads
Akamai Acquires Speedera
Yahoo 360 Social Networking
MSIE Yielding to Web Standards?
Broswer Cookies and Security
Can Firefox outfox IE?
Lycos Switches to Ask Jeeves
Mozilla Web App Suite Ends at v1.7

March 2005 (Cont.)

Yahoo Web Ads for Small Publishers
Diverging Paths for Web Forms
Google Personalizes Web News
Google's Clustered Web Results
Yahoo's SB Resource Center
Google Launches Desktop Search
Netscape Web Browser 8 Beta
10 Years of Yahoo Web Search
Yahoo Opens Search Tools

February 2005

Firefox Plugs Security Holes
Microsoft Patches Windows Bug
Gartner Critiques Microsoft's Focus
NY Times Buys
A New Google Toolbar
IEv7 Separates from Windows
Google Wants 'Dark Fiber'
MS & eBay Fight Phishing

February 2005 (Cont.)

Yahoo Unveils Firefox Toolbar
Ask Jeeves Buys Bloglines
Mozilla's Sunbird
Google's New Direction
Tech Employment Down in January
Google Loses French TM Case
The Selective Bubble
Yahoo's Contextual Search

March 2004

Yahoo Dumps Google
Feds Kill Eolas Patent
AskJeeves Buys Focus
Yahoo Content Aggregation

February 2004

Web Sales Hits Record
Google Tops Web Search
Google's New Algorithm
A Better Web Search

January 2004

Web Search Wars
Web Suites: Adobe CS
Web Design WYSIWYG's
Web Search Add-ons
SSL Web Problems
Web Creator Knighted

December 2003

LookSmart's LookListings
IBM-Akamai Hosting Deal
Adobe Profits Up in Q3
Online Ads Up in Q3
Yahoo! Fights Spam
Google's Trademarks Use
ICANN Approves Wait List

November 2003

Orbitz Estimated IPO
E-centives for Net Dollars
Online Retail Sales Up 27%
Yahoo Buys Keyword Co.
Overture Ad-tracking
Google AdWords Complaints
Eolas Patent Re-examined
W3C Revises PNG Format
Web Ads Show Growth

November 2003 (Cont.)

Adobe's XML Strategy
Google Tests Deskbar
Cisco Eyes Rebound
Lycos Sues Overture
Ask Jeeves' Smart Search
Yahoo! Copies Google
Ask Jeeves' New CEO
Usability Helps Profitability
MSFT Hires Overture CTO

October 2003

MSFT & Google Allies?
Adobe Suite Boosts Sales
Google Buys Sprink Ads
IPO for Google?
Tech Spending Outlook
Confused by Search Engines?
Google's Personalization
VeriSign Rebutts Critics
AOL Extends Google Ties

October 2003 (Cont.)

VeriSign Fires Back
MSFT Drops LookSmart
MSFT Fixes Bad Patch
VeriSign Halts SiteFinder
Comcast Doubles Speed
OpenSSL Patches 3 Holes
Google Acquires Kaltix
Lycos Uses Google AdSense

September 2003

New Adobe Creative Suites
Google Ads Milestone
VeriSign Settles w/ FTC
OpenSSH Patches 2nd Flaw
Google's Local Search
Yahoo! Product-compare
VeriSign Defies ICANN
ICANN Responds to VeriSign
ISPs Limit Transfer Volume
Open-souce Security Flaws
VeriSign's SiteFinder Sued
DB2 Linux Security Flaw
MSFT Adopts Wi-Fi 802.11g

September 2003 (Cont.)

VeriSign's 404 Handling
Sun SW Intros@Confab
Symantec Security Servers
VCs Get More for Their $
Bright Outlook for HDDs
More Holes in MSFT Windows
New Macromedia Web Tools
IE Patch Doesn't Work
Scaled-down Intel Itanium-IIs
Lycos E-mail Troubles
IBM+Borland Challenge MSFT
Verizon Puts $1B into 3G
DOJ OKs Yahoo+Overture

August 2003

e-Tailing Sales Up 4.6%
MSFT Tools Up It's SE
China Starts SE Game
MSFT Re-thinks Updates
T-Online Goes to Google
IPv6, Beyond Addresses

August 2003 (Cont.)

Stanford's SE Initiative
Oracle Adds Grid
Google Adds News Alerts
Steady Growth for e-Tailing
Apache Plans J2EE App Servers
Microsoft Site Attacked

July 2003

NetSol's DNS Glitch
Netgear's $98M IPO
Overseas Outsourcing
Can Google Save AOL?
Google Refines News Search
Yahoo's New SiteBuilder
ISPs Fix Cisco Flaw
Critical Windows Flaw
Google's WMD Not Found
MS Secures Web Services
Overture Yahoo'd for $1.63B

July 2003 (Cont.)

A New Tech Order
Verity's Ultraseek Engine
Windows Flaw Remains
Yahoo's Q2 Revenues Soar
MS versus Google
Neighborhood Mini-ISPs
McDonald's McWeb
Overture vs Google in U.K.
e-Services to Change Business
Hacker Contest Weekend

June 2003

XML & Unicode: Mix with Care
Yahoo! & BT Team
Internet 6000X Faster?
Bugbear.B Continues Rampage
Experts Warn of Worm Variant

March - May 2003

Microsoft Pulls Windows XP Update
Google 5X Faster?
Kazaa's Serious Vulnerability
SPS Receives $18M
Web Services to Alter Consulting
W3C Makes Patent Ban Final
Web Services 'Yellow Pages'
MS Launches Antivirus Info Site
Surfers On High-Speed Waves

March - May 2003 (Cont.)

Yahoo! Searches Public Eye
Fizzer Worm Spreads
E-Business Bounces Back
Dot-Coms Regain Their Luster
E-commerce Grows Nicely
USA Interactive Soars
Google Tops Competition
Yahoo! Acquires Inktomi

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