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New York Website Design Services
Services for Website Development, Planning, Layout, and Navigation.

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Our Process
We make our customers active participants in the website development process. Active collaboration with customers provides functional and visual requirements for building successful websites that meet expectations.

Research and Evaluation
We evaluate, validate and refine each set of requirements to determine which features should be available on the websites. Some of the features include:

Consulting Services Shopping
Requesting Information
Statistics Tracking
Credit Card Processing
Site Search, Database Search
Downloading or uploading files
Discussion forums

Concept and Design
With the requirements in-hand, we brainstorm, concept sketch, and hand render the ideas leading to a visual model. We then refine the model through usability tests and sorting studies to optimize intuitive navigation, layout, and aesthetics.

Adobe Tools Macromedia Tools
autodesk Tools World Wide Web Consortium
Oracle Database

Design Development*
We use state-of-the-art authoring and graphics tools for fast development. The tools we use include, but are not limited to, the following:

Consulting Services Adobe:
Computer Aided Design:
Web Technolgies:
Database Technologies:
Merchant Technologies:
GoLive, PhotoShop, Illustrator, ImageReady
Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Director
Quark Xpress
AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max
HTML, XML, ASP, JavaScript, J2EE, CSS, CGI, Perl, Unix/Linux
MySQL, Oracle, Informix
Miva Merchant, Empressa

Production and Optimization
Once our customers approve the designs, we proceed with manual implementation, where we hand code and optimize each page for fast loading and cross-browser operability. Our expertise in e-Commerce and Internet technologies allows us to effectively plan and position our customers' websites for maximum Internet visibility.

* WYSIWYG tools are only used in the Concept Design phase for fast modeling. Because they produce proprietory and unnecessary code, we do NOT use them in the final Production phase.

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Business Consulting Services
Consultants for Business Planning, Research, Validation and Execution.

Our Process
All companies, regardless of industry or size, require structure, skills and knowledge to survive. With the recent "Dot Com" implosion, businesses are forced to re-evaluate themselves. Professionals ranging from entrepreneurs to CEOs have done so successfully by using consultants who are experts in different industries. They have improved their internal controls and stream-lined logistic processes to maintain, and in some instances increase, profitability.

Business Services
Our staff of business consultants possess expertise and experience in a spectrum of industries. Some are fresh out of business school, like Harvard and the University of Chicago, while others are seasoned entrepreneurs with several startups on their resumes. Some of our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Consulting Services Business Planning and Coaching
Market Research and Evaluation
Revenue Model Development
Competitive Analysis
Venture Capital Funding

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Let us help you succeed where others have failed.

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